Essential Asset Management

You have a circle of trusted financial advisors with a unique specialization – wealth managers, trust, tax, inheritance, philanthropy, insurance and more.

The epiphany comes when you realize you often have as much or more of your wealth invested in non-financial assets and that your quality of life is exponentially more dependant on the smoothness and professionalism with which these assets are designed, built, engineered and managed to meet your daily needs:

  1. Real estate,
  2. Art/ Collectibles
  3. Automobiles,
  4. Yachts
  5. Aviation

Each asset probably has its own unique specialized management group or entity whose interests are not aligned with your own.

When negotiating the purchase or renovation of these items you need someone who is paid a flat fee to get you the best deal possible. Epiphany – Curated Lifestyle Services keeps a watchful eye over the process from start to finish and ensure accurate, timely delivery of the right quality product.


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We are dedicated to one profession: service. Passion embodies our profession as it places the client at the center of our attention. Delivering excellence is not simply a marketing promise, it is has been our vocation and obsession since the inception of our company.


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To deliver the best experience, we personalize each point of contact with great care and attention to detail. We consistently strive for excellence and share the desire to surpass expectations and offer the best to our clients.

The Luxury of Time

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In today’s fast-paced world, time has become one of our greatest luxuries. At the heart of our philosophy is the devotion to giving our clients back time, so they can enjoy more of the things they love. We also tackle and take the stress out of those bigger more complex tasks, sourcing trustworthy general contractors, architects, engineers, tradesperson, brokers, art experts and consultants.

The Best Life Has to Offer

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Our desire is to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. As the go-to service for the most discerning audience, we offer unparalleled access into the world of luxury.